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A Breakdown of the Neighborhood The easternmost point of Inman Park is abutted by Little Five Points, which has been called Atlanta’s Haight-Ashbury, with its bars, restaurants, independent record stores and clothing shops (as well as an American Apparel), the Variety Playhouse music venue, and a transient population that shares sidewalks with curious suburban teenagers Read More


Are you serious? Is this real? Yes. We started in 2012, we got funded through Kickstarter, we have videos and a Squirrel Shoppe, and we’re still going strong. Can I get involved? If so, how? Yes, you can. We’re looking for volunteer Squirrel Sighters for our October 2015 Census. We’re also seeking Squirrel Census Ambassadors Read More


Join the Service We are everywhere. We are in the trees and on the ground. We are flying, we are sleeping. We are sitting in front of our computers waiting for the next jingle on our Command Center antenna. We have subs in the ocean. We have telescopes shooting signals into space. Earth is nothing Read More


Squirrel Census Founder Sophie Allen (Canis lupus familiaris) Squirrel Census Team Jamie Allen – Creator Donal Bisanzio – Squirrel Scientist Stewart Haddock – Senior Associate Elisa Martello – Veterinarian Josh Connor – Filed Commander Nat Slaughter – Charts & Maps Specialist Art Department Yoon Hwa Jang – Illustration Hilary Ament – Design Tom Bell – Development Read More


The ever-unfolding story of the Squirrel Census team Where it All Began Sam’s Big Lesson Quadrant M4 Neck Crane, Find That Squirrel Do you have what it takes? Happiness Is Here Death to Squirrels   Read More


The 2016 Squirrel Census Report Seal of Authenticity The Squirrel Census is an urban science and storytelling project focusing on the Eastern gray (Sciurus carolinensis), his pals, and his mortal enemies. We have won awards. We have accepted congratulations. We have fist-fought people. We have made hats and t-shirts and videos and music and posters. Read More