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Squirrel Census

Squirrel Census Takes Manhattan

In 2017, the Squirrel Census is investigating the possibility of a Great Central Park Squirrel Census. This includes a discovery trip to New York City, as well as planning and content development. As a legal corporate entity in the state of Georgia, and with an aim to create profitable strategies leading to the long-term spread of community joy, entertainment, and education, we rely on sponsorship support from likeminded, public-spirited companies and organizations. A special thanks to:

2017 Golden Acorn Sponsor


2017 Silver Acorn Sponsor

Gene Kansas Commercial Real Estate

If you would like to support the Squirrel Census's efforts, contact us at

2015-2016 Squirrel Census Sponsors
Golden Acorn


Silver Acorn

Gene Kansas Commercial Real Estate

Locally Grown

Anna K Intown Real Estate

Highland Walk

N. Highland Steel

The Porter Beer Bar

Victory Sandwich Bar

Squirrel Census Founder

Sophie Allen (Canis lupus familiaris)

Squirrel Census Team
Art Department









Key Advisors and Chidlren

Avery Allen

Josey Allen

Alvin Diec

Travis Ekmark

Vivian Ekmark

Gene Kansas

Laura Relyea

Sam Toole


(If you have volunteered for the Census and don't see your name here, let us know and we will gladly add you.)

Chelsea Arkin

Sarah Asip

Boyd Baker

Brandon Bransford

Mattiel Brown

Scott Burland

Laura Coleman

Sherri Copeland

Holly Crenshaw

Jen Crenshaw

Claire Crenshaw

Amanda Diegel

Kate Dirks

Mary Dixon

Chris Donio

Bennett Ekmark

Elena Fernandez

Aria Finklestein

Shaun Flagg

Maddi Friedman

Shannon Goines

Sarah Goodfellow

Eshaan Gupta

Carla Habeeb

Karl Haddock

Sara Hagale

Michael Harker

Julie Harris

Brooke Hatfield

Audrey Henderson

Jay Higginbotham

Nate Hoelzel

Annie Hooper

Josie Hooper

Debbie Hutchinson

Nassim JafariNaimi

Alicia Johnson

Colleen Jordan

Carleigh Knight

Jason Kofke

Erin Lebow-Skelley

Riki Lecotey

Amelia Lerner

Stephanie Lewis

Jenni Light

Lee Lindsey

Parker Luse

Kara Maller

David McCulloch

Heather McDonald

Carolyn McLaughlin

Terra McVoy

Sarah Melton

Anjali Modi

Vance Murphy

Raven Neely

Frances Newton

Nick Nichols

Søren O'Connor

Randy Osborne

Ben Owens

Maggie Owens

Kay Powell

Diana Prescott

Stacy Reno

Lock Rogers

Rebecca Rumpf

Cat Schwamm

Corey Seeman

Lain Shakespeare

Arahshiel Silver

Nathaniel Slaughter V

Nola Smith

Rachel Stanley

Nicholas Tecosky

Jason Travis

Kellie Vinal

Aminda Warburton

Gerry Weber

Meghan Weems

Blake Williams

Mary Williams

Cat Williams

Charlie Yood

Elliot Yood

Juniper Yood